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      If you are a solicitor looking to instruct a family law barrister, speak to our clerks on 020 7832 3200. If you have an urgent enquiry, please call Kevin Mccarthy, our practice manager, on 079 2737 2046.    

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      If you are a member of the public looking to come directly to a barrister for legal advice and representation, we can help you.

      Direct access to barristers – your cost-effective way forward

      We provide specialist advocacy and advisory services in all areas of Family law. If you would like an indication of our charges, please ask our clerks for a fee quote.

      #ROK10000?Campaign Event

      As part of our Law Together project?Jayne Harrill,?Bibi Badejo, and Polly Allison attended the launch of the #ROK10000?Campaign.?ROK (Reach Out 2 Kids)?aim to raise £10.000 to support their work:

      “Our aim is to create as many employment opportunities as possible for young people from diverse and lower-income backgrounds: removing barriers to entry by providing those young people with the tools to believe in themselves, achieve despite the odds and to succeed in their career goals. It is absolutely vital that we are able to continue in our work of helping companies and industry to remove inequity, discrimination and bias, and to recognise talent amongst the demographic we work with.”

      Four Brick Court, Chambers of Jayne Harrill?has partnered with?ROK (Reach Out 2 Kids)?and wholeheartedly supports this vital work. For more information, see?https://www.ro2k.co.uk/


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      What others say about us


      ‘I have instructed specialist childcare counsel at 4 Brick Court for a number of years. I find that both the counsel and the clerks are attuned to this area of work, and I would recommend the Chambers without hesitation to other childcare lawyers.’
      Seona Myerscough, Partner, Gardner Leader Solicitors


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      Thinking of moving Chambers? We welcome approaches from forward-thinking barristers. If you would like to join us, contact the Head of the Pupillage & Tenancy Committee, Jacqui Gilliatt, discretion assured.


      We recruit two pupils each year via the?Pupillage Gateway.


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      Regulated by the Bar Standards Board


      Call our experienced clerks on 020 7832 3200 who will be delighted to help you with your enquiry.

      If you have an urgent enquiry, please call Kevin Mccarthy, our practice manager, on 079 2737 2046.